Re: [xml] xml API to add attribute

On 13/10/10 16:34, samaram s wrote:
I am new to libxml group. I chose this because it is very popular one.Please give us your support to complete 
my understanding of libxml2.

A .
I would like to generate script something like below,
<Option Value="00">English</Option>
        <Option Value="01">French</Option>

But when i am doing like below,
node1 = xmlNewChild(node, NULL, BAD_CAST "Option", NULL);
node2 = xmlNewText(BAD_CAST "Value= 00[English]");
xmlAddChild(node, node1);

I get like ,
   <Option>Value= 00[English]</Option>
   <Option>Value= 01[French]</Option>

Is there a way to do like shown in A. Which API should i use to do so?

Please give me some idea.


read the doc and you will find as the function to add an attribute like "Value":

attr = xmlNewProp (node1, BAD_CAST "Value", BAD_CAST "00");

and your text node shoud be just " English":

node2 = xmlNewText(BAD_CAST "English");

with kind regards,

Age Jan Kuperus

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