Re: [xml] strange end-tag position (parsing html)

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 12:18 AM, Steven Falken  wrote:
I'm trying to parse bare.txt (attached, yes it is simply For
this purpose I'm using parse.c (also attached).
The output is output.txt (Attachment!).
If you look at bare.txt, you see a <script> block from line 826 to
line 886. Now if you look at output.txt, you see the
<script>-Tag in line 759, but the end-Tag (</script>) is in line 784;
the problem is, that this end-Tag is in the middle
of the javascript-code, which is actually bad :(

This is because cnn's HTML sucks :). They can't seem to make up their
mind between HTML and XHTML.

Take a look at line 792 of output.txt: the for statement is mangled.
Looks like the '<' operator was interpreted by libxml as a start tag.
The </script> is in the place where a </a> is in bare.txt

Perhaps libxml2 betrayed its true nature (an XML parser) and parsed
bare.txt as XML (XHTML). In this case the content of <script> is also
parsed as, and must be valid XML (which it isn't).

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