Re: [xml] loading concatenated documents

On Mar 29, 2010, at 9:31 PM, ejt cmu edu wrote:

you have to indicate where the data ends or what the last chunks is.

Unfortunately, this is not very attractive... if I have to invent some arbitrary data format to wrap around the XML, it defeats a significant goal of using XML. (i.e. I still end up writing a custom/buggy parser... even something simple like looking for a \0 delimiter, depending on the charset, I might see those in the XML document; if I add a length field between documents, will it be binary?  little endian or big endian?  If it's serialized as text, will there be a newline afterward?  Is that included in the count?  Plus then I need more documentation of this new format for everyone who wants to use it.  I'm using XML because I *don't* want to deal with all of these issues.)

Why not just use one of the eighty different standards for this that already exist, e.g. MIME multipart or, better still, RFC2616 or RFC3030?


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