Re: [xml] xml Digest, Vol 71, Issue 9

Robert Coup  wrote:
   gml_error.xsd:15: element complexType: Schemas parser error : local
list type: A type, derived by list or union, must have the simple
ur-type definition as base type, not

   WXS schema gml_error.xsd failed to compile

This might be a bug in libxml2 as your schema validates with the validator[1].

If you look at xmlschemas.c, the actual line generating the error is located at xmlschemas.c:15161
    if ( (WXS_IS_LIST(type) || WXS_IS_UNION(type)) &&
         (WXS_IS_RESTRICTION(type) == 0) &&
here-->   (! WXS_IS_ANY_SIMPLE_TYPE(baseType)))

Simple type macros are defined at xmlschemas.c:227:

#define WXS_IS_SIMPLE(item) \
    ((item->type == XML_SCHEMA_TYPE_SIMPLE) || \
     ((item->type == XML_SCHEMA_TYPE_BASIC) && \
      (item->builtInType != XML_SCHEMAS_ANYTYPE)))

    (((i)->type == XML_SCHEMA_TYPE_BASIC) && \
      ((i)->builtInType == XML_SCHEMAS_ANYSIMPLETYPE))

As you can see, the macro in question verifies that the type is an XMLSchema built-in type or anySimpleType. I believe the marcro used in the test at line 15161 should be a combination of WXS_IS_SIMPLE and WXS_IS_ANY_SIMPLE_TYPE, i.e., something like:

#define WXS_IS_SIMPLE_TYPE(i) \
     (((i->type == XML_SCHEMA_TYPE_SIMPLE) && \
      ((i->type == XML_SCHEMA_TYPE_BASIC) && \
      ((i)->builtInType == XML_SCHEMAS_ANYSIMPLETYPE)))

Does this look like a valid diagnosis, or am I missing something?



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