Re: [xml] the oasis-xml-catalog PI

On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 02:57:51AM +0100, Piotr BaÅski wrote:

Is anyone able to use it successfully?

This PI makes it possible for the parser to dynamically locate a catalog
required for resolving various entities for the given document (so that
you don't have to put the paths into a static catalog, which can
sometimes be impractical). It seems to have worked to some extent at
least, but from what I can see, it may have regressed in xmllint (the
catalog is freed by xmllint too soon now, apparently -- but in
xmlcatalog it works all right).

I've posted a bug report on that at -- and I'm wondering
if my observations are correct or maybe I overlooked something.

A confirmation would be most welcome.

Well the document catalog is used for parsing, and once parsed it's
deallocated as part of the parser context deallocation. Since XIncluding
is done as a second operation the catalog is not available anymore.

In practice as implemented, <?oasis-xml-catalog> is only used for
operations associated to parsing, i.e. load external entities
definitions and DTD access. But operations done on already parsed
documents like XInclude, Relax-NG, XSD validation do not look for


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