Re: [xml] Build failure on Sparc solaris using gcc and binutils

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 02:01:30AM +0200, Roumen Petrov wrote:
So I just finish rebuild of libxml2, libxslt, and xmlsec

  okay thanks for the quick answer :-)

  Hum, that's an old thread but I think still relevant.
I tried to update some of the configure and auto* files, with
the idea that due to the coming new zlib release, a new release would
be needed this week.
I'm not sure how much we need to change for libtool, right now in my git
checkout I see in 'libtool':

# Which release of libtool.m4 was used?

Ok my is 2.2.6 FSF, i.e. without patches.

  well that should not change much,


so somehow it seems we upgrated but maybe some of the steps you outlined
need to be put in place.

For the solaris  I need to check the mail-thread again and to
remember how to implement.
Quick check in build tree show:
$ grep gnu_ld *

  Hum in the case of gcc based tools a colleague pointed out one can use
the output of `gcc --print-prog-name=ld` to know what linker program is
used under the hood, either ld in which case it's the one in the path or
a full path would be provided. Not sure if that's really useful for the
Solaris issue though.

I don't check with win32 myself be it native or
mingw so maybe you can have a look, and possibly provide an additional patch
if you find problems,

For mingw build to repository version is applied attached patch
mingw-20100310.patch :
- include/libxml/xmlexports.h (fatal)
  to restore export decoration otherwise xsltproc and xmlsec crash
  credits to ? (another thread)

- libxml.h (important)
  idea is to define LIBXML_STATIC for static build
  credits to ? (another thread)

- (FYI)
  may be beacuse source is bootstrapped with autoconf 2.65

  Actually this one gets overwritten each time autogen is run so
I didn't pushed it, to some xtend being a generated file maybe this
file should not be in git after all, but not a big deal ATM :-)

- (feature request)
  this patch will enable module support for mingw* builds

- (feature request)
  Flags for testdso (if module support is enabled)

  Okay, applied.
Note that I changed to use directly the autoreconf tool
instead of manually doing the calls to the various auto tools. Oh and
I added the necessary stuff to have m4 files in the m4 subdir as most
projects do. The only annoyance is that I now get quite a few warning at time which I'm not sure to fully understand :-)


Daniel Veillard      | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit
daniel veillard com  | Rpmfind RPM search engine | virtualization library

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