Re: [xml] Libxml-Bindings Gem

That gem has been renamed to "libxml4r" (

If anyone wants to come along later to merge this stuff in, or would
like to merge it the other way and move the project onto this new
name, then please be my guest. Just send an email to dreamcat4 (at
gmail) and i can sort out access / permissions whatever.

I also emailed Phil Bogle, and he agrees / supports. (Phil who is
credited to the original idea).

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 2:06 AM, Trans <transfire gmail com> wrote:

(Off List)

Are you a C coder?

I am wondering b/c maybe it would be a good idea, if you are
interested, if you became the new maintainer of the project.

Admittedly I may be jumping the gun here, we can give it a bit more
time to make sure, but I fear the previous maintainers may have moved
on to other things.

Incidentally Trans, i'm not suitable to maintain this code. But we can
circulate / ask here on the gnome libxml mailinglist. As this project
is an offshoot of that one.

You never know, maybe some ruby people (and C people!!) hang out on that list.

dreamcat4 gmail com

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