Re: [xml] problems with zlib 1.2.5?

Hi again

        I have new info, mostly good news!!

On Mon, 8 Nov 2010 06:12:16 +0200, Adrian Bunk <bunk stusta de> wrote:
On Mon, Nov 08, 2010 at 03:36:14AM +0000, higuita wrote:
    if i have time during the next few days, i will try to test 
a clean slackware64 install to check if its something bad with my
That sounds like a good thing to try.

        i've  installed a brand new slackware64 13.1 in a VM and 
tested all lib combinations and software... this is what i found:

-old libs don't crash ever in any program
-in new libs, FF3 dont crash, FF4 crash if gnome-vfs (2.24.3) lib is
installed. claws-mail dont use gnome-vfs and still crashes with the new
libs every time

        i tried playing with compile options, but only when slackware
devs (probably Patrick) pushed in slackware64 a zlib patch to help
this problem i really made some progress:

        Installing the patched zlib alone didn't solved the problem,
but as the patch is against the headers, i tried to recompile libxml2
against the new zlib and after that, all problems disappeared.

        i then reverted the zlib back to the unpatched version and to
my surprise, the problems is still gone.

        reverting to the slackware64 compiled libxml2, the problem 

        so looks like that the zlib patch solves the problem in all
apps, but requires that the libxml2 is recompiled against this patched 
version to truly solve the problem.

thanks for all the help
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