[xml] Merging of TextNodes

Hi there,

I do have a question related to the merging of text nodes when using xmlAddNextSibling. Many thanks in advance for any help.

The situation the the following: I already got two child nodes:

Comment1 with name "comment" and XML_COMMENT_NODE type
Text1 with name "text" and XML_TEXT_NODE type

When I am inserting node
Text2 with name "text" and XML_TEXT_NODE type
 with xmlAddNextSibling.( Comment1, Text2), the TextNodes Text1 and Text2 are not merged. I would have expected them to be merged into one node.

When I look at tree.c in function  xmlAddNextSibling, the case where the cur and elem node are TextNodes is handled first (not the case here) and the next case should be that cur->next and elem are TextNodes. However, the (cur->name == cur->next->name) clause prevents the merge. These are "comment" and "text" in this case.

Have I misunderstood the need to merge the two TextNodes in this case? Why is there a comparision of the names in the first place? I would have assumed comparing the node types would be sufficient.

Any help would be very welcome.



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