Re: [xml] libxml2-2.7.7/doc/examples test suite failure on ia64 (parse2 test2.xml)

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 07:39:00PM -0500, Mark Lavi wrote:
Can anyone help me figure out how to troubleshoot this further? I
realize I can skip these tests, but this is new in 2.7.7 on ia64 and did
not happen on the same platform with libxml2-2.7.6 and zlib-1.2.3. I
could try to build with zlib 1.2.3 to confirm if it is the culprit?

  if you upgraded zlib to the latest version then you must upgrade
libxml2 to the latest version too 2.7.7

2.7.7: Mar 15 2010
  Bug Fixes: libxml violates the zlib interface and crashes (Mark Adler)

check with SuSE, they should have made sure to push the libxml2 update
at the same time.


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