Re: [xml] XML Schema, unique and namespaces

> Hi there. A few points:
> * Not sure this list is really an appropriate place to ask questions
>   about the W3C XML Schema Language.

Very true, but libxml2 supports (albeit incompletely) validating XML documents with XSD, so any questions pertaining to that are valid.

> * Why are you using it, anyway? (I generally advise against using any
>   constraint language other than DSDL (i.e., RELAX NG, ISO
>   Schematron, et al.) unless circumstances absolutely require it.)

XSDs provide a basic constraint mechanism that works very well. Beyond the basics (i.e. conditional restriction), yes, one should avoid using it. If the design calls for XSD validation including basic occurrence restriction, I see no reason to shy away from it.

All the best!

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