[xml] libxml and thread

I am running a Debian x86_64 box with 2.6.30 kernel and gcc (Debian 4.3.3-11) 4.3.3 Since 6 months (approximately) I can not run my code which create a thread and use libxml within this thread. Yesterday, I retrieve the last source version of libxml2 to try the test suite. And the testThread coredump. I have compiled the lib with ./configure --with-mem-debug --with-run-debug && make and ran testThread against valgrind but I can't get nothing more than "segmentation fault" ! No stacktrace, nothing ...

1- do you already know this coredump problem ?
2- can you explain me why there is nothing in the valgrind output (the latter one works well with my other pieces of software) ?

Thanks !

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