[xml] Status of XML Schema validation support of libxml2

Hello all,

the libxml2 website states: "A partial implementation of XML Schemas Part 1: Structure is being worked on but it would be far too early to make any conformance statement about it at the moment."

It looks like this statement has been there for over 7 years already (http://web.archive.org/web/20020604015853/http://xmlsoft.org/index.html).

I have two (groups of) questions:

1. Is that statement still relevant? Would it be possible to state what functionality does work? Maybe a subset is known to work? Or would it be possible to state what doesn't work?

2. Also, if something doesn't work (isn't implemented) and I use it, will there be an error/crash, or will there be a warning, or will it simply skip checking something? Are there false positives/negatives?

Basically, any insight into what is/isn't working and the implications of that, would be greatly appreciated.


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