[xml] Newline at the end of output

I have a use case where I need to treat an xml document as a document fragment, I won't get into the details of why exactly, but lets make the assumption it is a valid use case for now.

This is the code I am using to get the string of a document, without the prolog into a buffer:

  xmlSaveCtxtPtr saveCtxt = xmlSaveToBuffer(buffer, outputEncoding_.c_str(), XML_SAVE_NO_DECL);
  xmlSaveDoc(saveCtxt, doc_);
  //This will delete the saveCtxt pointer too.
  std::string ret((char *)xmlBufferContent(buffer));
  return ret;

Where the doc was created with a literal such as '<foo>test</foo>'.

It works well except I appear to always get a newline at the end of the output.  I understand that a newline doesn't make the document output invalid, however it does add extra, unneeded whitespace for my fragment which could change the meaning of the content where I am inserting this document as a fragment.

I don't want to have to hack the removal of this newline in my code if it can be helped.  Is there a way to do this and not get the newline?  Is there a way to output the xml string for just the root element instead of using the document approach to get around this?


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