[xml] VxWorks

I have a couple of questions regarding support in VxWorks.

1. I saw VxWorks folders in the on-line project tree, referenced from
within libxml2-2.6.32.
But the latest release libxml2-2.7.3 doesn't contain it. Why is it?

2. In case it was decided by maintainers not to take the VxWorks folder,
Could I propose my version of Makefile.vxworks?

3. While compiling for VxWorks (using my build framework), I was needed
to rename
the ERROR token in pattern.c and xmlregexp.c files. I would like to see
this change in the next version.
Should I submit patch using Git? Or it is enough to send the *.diff to
this mailing list assuming some of maintainers will review it and will
push it into the version?

The path replaces all appearances of ERROR with PATTERN_ERROR in
pattern.c and REGEXP_ERROR in xmlregexp.c.

4. Where can I find schedule for next release?

Thank you very much,

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