Re: [xml] `id` function for XPath

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 01:08:00PM +0200, Daniel Albeseder wrote:

As I could determine from the archive, the `id` function of XPath only
works with the xml:id attribute and the attributes declared as ID inside
the DTD. However attributes of the type xs:ID inside an XML schema does
not work.


This sounds strange, since XML schema is a superset of DTD.

 Ah, that's brand new to me, care to provide a normative proof of this ?
More seriously, no XSD is not an extension of DTD it's a completely
separate validation step, not part of parsing.

Is there are reason, why XML schema does not work with `id`?

  Depends on your application. But basic XPath does not require or
depend on validation, just loading of DTDs to get attribute type. That's
not generally doable with XSD,


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