[xml] configuring SAX push parser in libxml2 (rss item elements not in results)

Hi all,

I'm writing very simple push-based libxml2 SAX parser in ObjC/C client. Not a problem. However I've found that one of RSS 2.0 feeds used for tests is not correctly processed. (I've already had such situation couple of times when using JavaScript WebKit engine - but it was easy to correct by using namespaces in DOM based parser) However with libxml2 push SAX parser I really do not know how to deal with it.
The RSS feed is parsed correctly all BUT "item" elements.
For some reason SAX parser does not emit startElement/startElementNs/ endElement/endElementNs for all <item>....</item> elements in feed channel. The same push parser implementation (with details changed in state machine) works correctly with other feeds data. Can someone see what could be configured in parser or added to SAX handler to work with issue? (the sax push parser is the only possible implementation on target client device). The feed has utf-8 specified and data is sent from server with utf-8 stream encoding.

kind regards,
Peter Blazejewicz

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