Re: [xml] Parsing multiple documents with SAX - event handlers not triggered for subsequent docs

Rachael Churchill wrote:
Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 01:51:38PM +0000, Rachael Churchill wrote:

I'm having trouble parsing more than one document with the SAX interface. I can parse the first one fine, using xmlParseChunk, and set terminate=1 to indicate that this is the final chunk from that document, and xmlParseChunk returns success. Then I try to parse a second document, and none of the event handlers are triggered for that document, but xmlParseChunk still returns success for that document.

Do I need to do something else, as well as setting terminate=1, to indicate the end of the first document?

  a Parser context can be used only for one document ... unless you
reset it with the adequate funtion between 2 parsing.


Thanks. That wasn't clear from the documentation. Which is "the adequate function"? Is it xmlCtxtReset? I already tried that, but then I get error 5 (end of document) when parsing the second document.

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...or xmlCtxtResetPush? If so, what are the other arguments to that function supposed to be?

Is there a documentation page anywhere describing typical workflow? (e.g. "first you set up the handlers, then you call xmlParseChunk for each chunk you want to parse; you can only parse one document this way, so if you want to parse another one you need to call such-and-such between each document...")

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