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Hi Ajay

You can use the API xmlReaderForMemory () / xmlReaderForFile () to parse the memory/file by passing the option parameter as 0 (XML_PARSE_RECOVER) . This option (XML_PARSE_RECOVER) will enable the parsing to be done in recover mode and parser will continue to parse the file/memory even if it encounters fatal errors.

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I am using the XML reader API of libxml2 to parse an XML file. While parsing , I get the following error:


parser error : Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !

Bytes: 0xC7 0x41 0x49 0x53 <Name>AMITIÃS FRANâAISES ANTWERPEN</Name>.


Whenever I get this non-utf8 error, I would want to log it and pass on to the next node for processing without exiting the program. Is this exception handling possible with xmlreader?





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