Re: [xml] best way of converting xmlChar* to char*

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:40:21AM -0500, Michel Audette wrote:
Dear fellow XML developers,

I was able to find a way of converting from char* to xmlChar* via
xmlCharStrdup, but my collaborators and I were wondering if there were
a function that does the reverser conversion, from xmlChar* to char*,
other than a cast. item 12

We prefer to do this with a function than a cast if possible.

  If you're asking for a function, then that means you didn't
understand the concept behind xmlChar*

  If your char * points to a zero terminated string in UTF-8 encoding
then a cast *is* the proper way. If it's not that will depend on your
encoding and no generic function can do it one way or another, except
an encoding conversion function like iconv.


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