Re: [xml] SAX question

D Kimmel schrieb:
Currently, I have been using the xmlCreatePushParserCtxt along with
the xmlParseChunk for some applications that have to read from an XML
 Is there a way to ignore (or not parse) subelements and just have
them returned as a chunk of data?  I was hoping to avoid using CDATA
blocks, but basically that's the functionality I am looking for.

XML doesn't need CDATA, but it may be a convenience. If the reason for
avoiding to parse the data is to prevent parse errors, than what you
have isn't XML.

Using the push parser, you should be able to abort parsing once you've
collected the data you're interested in. Only learnt about it the day
before yesterday.

The same thing is possible using SAX (which the subject of your mail
refers to) at the price of throwing and catching an exception.

I hope this helps.

Michael Ludwig

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