Re: [xml] Reducing size of static library ( configure options )

On Sep 22, 2008, at 2:08 PM, Prashanth Ramachandran wrote:

I am in the process of building libxml2 binaries . The functionality that I need are

- Push Interface
- reader Interface
 -writer INterface
- output
- Canonicalization

providing these options , I still get a size of 1.7 mb for the static lib.

Here are my confiuguration options

./configure --prefix=${SRCROOT}/../build/debug --enable-static -- disable-shared --with-minimum --disable-ipv6 --without-catalog -- without-debug --without-docbook --without-fexceptions --without-ftp --without-history --without-html --without-html-dir --without-html- subdir --without-http --without-iconv --without-iso8859x --without- legacy --without-mem-debug --without-pattern --without-push -- without-python --without-readline --without-regexps --without-run- debug --without-sax1 --without-schemas --without-schematron -- without-threads --without-thread-alloc --without-valid --without- xinclude --without-xpath --without-xptr --without-modles --without- zlib --without-coverage --with-xpath --with-push

I would want to significantly reduce this size from 1.7mb alteast to a number (<1mb).

are there any additional options that I might not have set to achieve this ?

I can't help you with config options, but I would ask whether you have stripped the library after you build it. That generally makes a big size difference on the Mac, even with the release library.

- Rush

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