[xml] question about dumping notations from extSubset

Hi Daniel, All,

I want to use xmlNodeDump on doc->extSubset but the output does not 
contain any <!NOTATION...> declarations. 

In xmlDtdDumpOutput there is the following comment and code:

     * Dump the notations first they are not in the DTD children 
     * Do this only on a standalone DTD or on the internal subset 
    if ((dtd->notations != NULL) && ((dtd->doc == NULL) ||
        (dtd->doc->intSubset == dtd))) {
        xmlDumpNotationTable(buf->buffer, (xmlNotationTablePtr) 

Clearly the behavior I see is intended. Can you please explain why 
is it so, i.e. why this function should only dump the notation 
declarations for a standalone DTD or internal subset and not for an 
external subset? Thanks,

-- Petr

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