Re: [xml] Generate XML using XSD

On 14Oct08 12:07, Prabhuram K wrote:
}I have the XSD and the data and I wanted to generate XML based on the XSD
}and the data. Is it possible to do it using libxml C APIs. If possible
}please provide some code examples.

This is the sort of functionality provided by xmlbeans.  I wanted to do
the same thing, and after investigation I wrote it myself. Some access
to libxml internals was required so I submitted it as patches.  See
I haven't tried them against any version newer than 2.6.29, but I assume
they would still work. The implementation is by no means complete, but
it was good enough for the reasonably complex schemas I was working with.

If you need further examples of the implementation of the
callbacks let me know.



Callum Gibson @ home

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