[xml] "Write" equivalent to xmlReadMemory?

Hello all,

I'm doing some quick research to determine if libxml2 is appropriate for our use on an embedded device. We want to parse XML documents which are already in memory (present in a file system that saves files into flash memory) and also write them back to memory (we already have an area of flash set aside as a buffer for when writing files to the device I can use).

I noticed there is xmlReadMemory. Is there also some xmlWriteMemory equivalent? I can't find it in the documentation, nor by searching this mailing list's archives.

Also, I know libxml2 does dynamic memory allocation, which isn't possible on our device, but I already have a plan to implement a small "allocator", whose name I can swap into the line of "xmlMallocFunc xmlMallocAtomic = (xmlMallocFunc) malloc;" in place of malloc, but is there an easier way to do this?



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