Re: [xml] Regarding xmlTextReaderNext Api

 Hi Ashwin,

first sorry, i have lot of backlog, there is a lot of questions or reports
from you in my XML folder that i didn't replied to yet. They are marked
unread so i will get to them at some point.
   No problems :), I guess you have a lot on your plate....

 ah, then it's a bug. i have tried to make sure the reader and the walker
work the same, but i think I didn't tried that extensively for extra
functionality like skipping part of the tree.
 Can you see why xmlTextReaderNextTree doesn't work, it seems it should
do what is expected, i don't really see why not.

    I think the functionality to skip the subtree is missed, will try and
add that, iterative code like in the one for xmlTextReaderNext is not

Thanks & Regards

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