[xml] libxml2-2 build on win/mingw and dll suffix


I am a newbie to unix-like build system. I ahve built the libxml 2-2.6.32 on windows using mingw, and not 
using the java script because it did
not generate a shared library for mingw in form libxml2.dll.a, but a
.lib. I had to build gettext and it didn't find libxml because of that.

question is: what is the '-2' suffix of the dll name? I mean, after
build I've got a 'libxml2-2.dll'. I need a 'libxml2.dll'. Is that
I couldn't find an answer in the mailing lists archive,
and if there is one I think I couldn't find a criterium to look for the
answer. Please excuse me if I ask redundantly.

Best Regards,
Mihai Sorin Dobrescu

 Best Regards,
Mihai Sorin Dobrescu


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