Re: [xml] LibXml2 Crash in MultiThreaded Windows

Daniel ,

Thanks a lot , it solved the crash !!
I was stucked for many days on it , & quite frustrated to the extent
that I have to re-write my whole portable XML Reader / Writer in Xerces

Also many thanks to Igor & Rob

I am now calling 

In my primary thread main() only.
( Without even these 2 the code works & there is no crash )

Xerces has  the equivalent 

You are allowed to call XMLPlatformUtils::Initialize() and
XMLPlatformUtils::Terminate multiple times, but each call to
XMLPlatformUtils::Initialize() must be matched with a call to

Strangely this problem didn't show up in MultiThreaded UNIX environment
where call to xmlCleanupParser(); was within UNIX POSIX pThread's.

What I liked abt LibXml2 APIs were their simplicity 
& in contrast 
I had to achieve the counterpart of 1 LibXml2 C API in Xerces using many
C++ APIs or Classes (which of course has an OO tinge to it).

I have worked earlier on MS-XML too 
( which can be portable provided COM is universally implemented on all
UNIX variants )
but working on LibXML2 Library was really a breeze for me.

Thanks again for ur valuable inputs.



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On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 06:35:10PM +0530, Lav Mehrotra wrote:
NOTE : Within my thread I create Reader / Writer object on Stack so it
goes out of scope when the thread fun exits , calls Dtor of Reader /
Writer object , which does 


  If you call xmlCleanupParser from the threads on concurrent accesses
are garanteed to crash...
Read the docs. Looks at the many time i posted about the issue !


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