Re: [xml] Coverity Code Checker Problem

On Tue, Jun 03, 2008 at 10:42:09AM -0700, Price.Derrick wrote:


We run the Coverity Prevent product on our code and since we use LibXML2
there are a number of issues reported in LibXML2 as well.  I thought you
would be interested in knowing about these items.  Here are a few of the
issues reported by Coverity.  It includes the line number, the code, and
the events and assumptions made by the checker.

  What version of libxml2 are you using ? Line numbers when I could find a 
match are off by huge values. Could you rechec with the latest version ?
Also if you're concerned by the security/quality of your product, i really
suggest you follow what's happening upstream, I think there have been 2 
CVE security announcement emitted and fixed since the version you seems to
be using.

1)       Coverity Check Type: UNUSED_VALUE - catalog.c

2728                       sgml = xmlCatalogSGMLResolve(catal, NULL,

At conditional (5): "sgml != 0" taking true path

2729                       if (sgml != NULL)

Event returned_pointer: Pointer "sgml" returned from "xmlStrdup" is
never used

2730                                              sgml =

  I guess it's in xmlACatalogResolveURI(), it should be
     ret = xmlStrdup(sgml);

2)       Coverity Check Type: UNUSED_VALUE - catalog.c

2430            if (ret != NULL)
2431                return(ret);
At conditional (4): "sysID != 0" taking true path
2432            if (sysID != NULL)
Event returned_pointer: Pointer "ret" returned from
"xmlCatalogGetSGMLSystem" is never used
2433                ret = xmlCatalogGetSGMLSystem(catal->sgml, sysID);
2434            return(NULL);

  i guess it's in xmlCatalogSGMLResolve() , missing a
    if (ret != NULL)

3)       Coverity Check Type: Time-of-check-time-of-use (TOCTOU) -

898                 if (filename == NULL)

899                     return (NULL);


901             #ifdef HAVE_STAT

Event fs_check_call: Called "stat" to perform check on "filename"

At conditional (1): "stat < 0" taking false path

902                 if (stat(filename, &info) < 0)

903                     return (NULL);

904             #endif


906             #ifdef HAVE_STAT

Event toctou: Called use function "open" on "filename" after a check
function. This can cause a time-of-check, time-of-use race condition.

907                 if ((fd = open(filename, O_RDONLY)) < 0)

  yes looks like a race, but IMHO not a big deal, the fd result is checked

4)       Coverity Check Type: REVERSE_INULL - catalog.c.  REVERSE_INULL
checker finds many instances of NULL checks after dereferences.

3054               cur = pathss;

Event check_after_deref: Pointer "cur" dereferenced before NULL check

3055               while ((cur != NULL) && (*cur != 0)) {

3056                       while (xmlIsBlank_ch(*cur)) cur++;

3057                       if (*cur != 0) {

3058                           paths = cur;

3059                           while ((*cur != 0) && (*cur != ':') &&

3060                                   cur++;

3061                           path = xmlStrndup((const xmlChar *)paths,
cur - paths);

3062                           if (path != NULL) {

3063                                   xmlLoadCatalog((const char *)

3064                                   xmlFree(path);

3065                           }

3066                       }
Event deref_ptr: Directly dereferenced pointer "cur"

At conditional (1): "*cur == 58" taking false path

3067                       while (*cur == ':')

3068                           cur++;


  I don't understand the problem and the line numbers are completely off...
i don't think we can have cur == NULL here.


5)       Coverity Check Type: DEAD_CODE - catalog.c.

Event const: After this line, the value of "base" is equal to 0

Event assignment: Assigning "0" to "base"

1088               xmlChar *base = NULL;

  i couldn't fine any 'xmlChar *base = NULL;' in the current code base.
So no idea ...



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Daniel Veillard      | virtualization library
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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