Re: [xml] ATTRIBUTE NAME validation problem


Thank you all for your replay. Due to namespace dependency,I think behavior
is ok. It solved my query.
And one more thing I noticed is libxml treats this as error but not fatal
error (in terms of xml standard). I think it should be treated as fatal
error and java considers it as fatal error.
Let me know your take on this.

Thanking you

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Mike Hommey wrote:
But that's still true that the XML declaration spec tells : is a valid
attribute name in an ATTLIST. ::::::::::: is, too.

That's puzzling.

Hmm, interesting. Even the errata list this as a valid production for a

There, it even says:

Document authors are encouraged to use names which are meaningful words or
combinations of words in natural languages, and to avoid symbolic or white
space characters in names. Note that COLON, HYPHEN-MINUS, FULL STOP
LOW LINE (underscore), and MIDDLE DOT are explicitly permitted.

However, I assume that the reason is simply the support for XML namespaces,
which explicitly exclude the ':' in their NCName production:

So, a namespace aware parser is absolutely allowed to treat "::::::" names
an error.


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