Re: [xml] Security flaw affecting all previous libxml2 releases

Title: RE: [xml] Security flaw affecting all previous libxml2 releases

Thanks Daniel!

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From: Daniel Veillard [mailto:veillard redhat com]
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To: Fred Smith
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Subject: Re: [xml] Security flaw affecting all previous libxml2 releases

On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 10:34:19AM -0800, Fred Smith wrote:
> Trying to manually apply this patch to 2.4.25. I find that some parts of
> it match up well and others don't.
> There are three places in the file where similar code can be found. I'm
> guessing that the one we're concerned with here is the one beginning
> around line 1282, as that's the block where the "1-byte code" most
> closely resembles the bottom part of this patch.
> But I don't see a close match for the first change in the patch in any
> of those areas. Specifically, there is no line reading "if (c == 0xC0)".
> The place that most looks like the right place is:
>       c = *cur;
>       if (c & 0x80) {        <====================
>           if (cur[1] == 0)
>               xmlParserInputGrow(ctxt->input, INPUT_CHUNK);
>           if ((cur[1] & 0xc0) != 0x80)
>               goto encoding_error;
>           if ((c & 0xe0) == 0xe0) {
>               if (cur[2] == 0)
>                   xmlParserInputGrow(ctxt->input, INPUT_CHUNK);
> see the line marked with arrow, it looks as if the patch wants to insert
> a couple of lines right below there??
> I'd be grateful if Daniel (or anyone else who has patched an ancient
> version) could advise me on the correct changes to make here.

  Sure, i made the patches which were needed for RHEL 2.1/3/4 security fixes,
they went out as part of the source RPM updates for RHEL, attached !


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