[xml] Xmllint --dtdvalid vs --valid


I've recently noticed that the output from xmllint is different
between --dtdvalid and --valid. --dtdvalid only prints out one row per
error - unlike --valid that gives 3 - and the rows marked sometimes
differ. --dtdvalid marks the start of a tag with malformed content,
where --valid marks the end.

I'm sure this shouldn't be. The only relevant thing I found in the
lists is this:

But the post is from 2004, and Daniel gave some insinuations that this
shouldn't have to be broken, despite keeping binary compatibility. Did
this turn out to be unfixable?

One more question while I'm on the subject. What happens when multiple
flags such as --valid --dtdvalid --postvalid are passed on on command?
Are they all performed in sequential order? That is the way it looks,
but is there something more happening behind the scenes?


Anders Olsson

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