Re: [xml] static linking in VC++

* ghosh wrote:
first i linked dynamically (libxml2.lib) and it was all working well. but
when i tried to link it statically (with libxml2_a.lib, iconv_a.lib,
zlib.lib and libxslt_a.lib (though i am not using xslt)) i got unresolved
external symbol error. do i need to include anymore lib files? if so where
can i get them?
can someone tell me where i went wrong or what i am missing?
i am posting the error message here:
1>libxml2_a.lib(nanohttp.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
__imp__WSAGetLastError 0 referenced in function _socket_errno

These are in wsock32.lib which should be part of the Platform SDK.
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