Re: [xml] Ambiguity regarding schema content and schema validation

According to VS2005 (and I agree with it) 1.xsd is not a valid schema. You can have multiple elements with the same name in the same complex type, but those elements have to have the same type.

Also, I think you need to make the URIs contained in the values of your xmlns:tns and targetNamespace attributes the same (probably xmlns:tns="";).

Even if 1.xsd were valid, I'm not sure why either 2.xml or 3.xml might pass validation as there should be a minimum requirement for two b elements.


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Subject: [xml] Ambiguity regarding schema content and schema validation

I am using libxml version 28. I have a query regarding parsing of
the schema file and as well as schema validation.
Is the attached schema (1.xsd) syntactically correct, (It is having
more than 1 element with the same name, in the complex definition). If it is
correct; instance document (2.xml) is success but whereas the instance
document (3.xml) is returning failure for schema validation using
xmlSchemaValidateDoc( ).
But for schema file, 4.xsd; in which I have interchanged the
datatype definitions, (xs:int with xs:string and vice-versa), it returns
success for both instance document 2.xml and 3.xml.
Any leads will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the reply.

Thanks and Regards,


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