Re: [xml] Timeout of external xslt document request

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 01:41:47PM -0700, Joel Dubien wrote:


I'm using libxslt with php, and I am doing a document call on an rss
feed that is not hosted by my server. I am worried that there maybe a
time when the rss feed is not responding and my site will suffer with a
long loading time.

Is there anyway to change the timeout value of that document call? It is
currently taking around 60 seconds to timeout, and I would like to
reduce that to 5 seconds.

  There is no way to do this without changing libxml2 code and recompiling.
Point is that libxml2 C API allows to override the default functions
used for ftp and http, so basically when people have specific requests
like that they can use another implementation (like curl):
I don't know if this is available at the PHP level.


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