Re: [xml] Regular Expression Problem


   While  evaluating  an expression against the following pattern, libxml
   is returning an internal error.

   The Pattern is

   The expression is -conn:10600-0-3689-

   While debugging I found that it fails in xmlFARegExecRollBack function
   because of a rollback on an empty stack.... Is this a problem?

 Hum, unfortunately this looks like a different problem, it seems
 to take a lot of cycles and I'm afraid there is something serious going
on and that can be only studied and fixed by debugging the generated
 reducing the expression and the input to provide a minimal automata
showing the problem is a good first step.
I reduced the input pattern to
And the given input works for this, but as soon as I add the dialog
expression it fails, also it passes if I reduce the length of the input
Something like conn:10600-0-3689-217.198 or reduce it even further it gives
a expression match failure but no error....



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