Re: [xml] EXSLT random() function

so apparently libexslt implementation might just be conformant, but
as usual we takes patches ... But I don't see how you would seed in
a truely random fashion while keeping the code portable.

 replying to myself, maybe we could just use 
   srand((unsigned int)time(NULL))
just before xsltRegisterExtModuleFunction ((const xmlChar *) "random", ...
in exsltMathRegister()

Well possible, but calling srand() automatically can be disturbing - and hard to debug, if not known! - if a 
special srand() was issued previously to run reproducable tests.

Also, as far as I understand, calling srand() automatically is only required for external libxml libraries. 
If linked into applications, they can just call srand() as they please.

How about, therefore, adding a simple srand() wrapper function like (for example xmlsrand() or similar) which 
applications can call to set the external library's random seed?


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