Re: [xml] Cleaning the Web - Implementing HTML 5 parsing in libxml2

Hi Daniel,

  I know that some people like Michael Day rely heavilly on the HTML
parser behaviour, and would very much like to hear from them too, as
the change would have more impact on them than me. I know the Webkit project uses libxml2 but only for parsing XML, and wonder if an HTML5
compliant parser in libxml2 might change this or not. Even if this
wasn't the case I would like to see HTML5 suport in, but being able
to assert possible impact like this would be nice.

We do use the libxml2 HTML parser in our Prince formatter, and it works very nicely. It does have limitations when it comes to "tag soup" HTML and browser compatibility, and ideally these could be solved by following the HTML5 specification, without affecting the current behaviour for valid documents.

In summary: it would be great if libxml2 was also a HTML5 parser!

Is anyone available to implement it? :)

Best regards,


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