[xml] Wine - libxml issue


I've developing MSXML3 support for the Wine project and have come across
a problem that I don't know a clean solution for.

Here is a bug report for reference.

The issue,
  When wpkg creates their style-sheet they include paths that include
C:/home/alh/wpkg/tools/rooms1.xml, which under windows are fine, but
under Linux they don't exist since we use native libxml2.
Is there a way in libxml2 to specific where the missing files?
Could a callback be added to support this.?

(I believe if i stripped the C: it would also work (Will be confirming
this shortly).

Using the windows native libxml could be an option, but is alot of work to convert over.

Any Ideas, thoughts?

Best Regards
Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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