[xml] xmlSchemaValidateDoc: return value -1 ?

Hello all,

I have a valid xsd and xml which i can validate with xmllint tool:
jsbach orgel:[~/cp_comModell/lib/xml] > xmllint --noout --schema processor.xsd enhanced_processor.xml     
enhanced_processor.xml validates

Now if i use xmlSchemaValidateDoc(schema_valid_ptr, doc), it  delivers a -1 on validating.. Does this mean it 
was successfull?  I've looked at the example of the implementor of the schemas in libxml, he doesn't use the 
return value there at all..

output from my prog:
jsbach orgel:[~/cp_comModell/src] > ./pscheme ../lib/xml/processor.xsd ../lib/xml/enhanced_processor.xml
schema validation return value: -1

Is -1 thought for successfull validation? Can you put a bit doc at least on what should be 
expected for return values?

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