Re: [xml] xmllint as minimal non-validating parser?

On 9/17/07, Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> wrote:
On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 04:33:37PM -0500, Chuck Bearden wrote:
My reading of the XML Recommendation:
The well-formedness constraint "Entity Declared" [1] does not apply
to an XML document with an external DTD subset and which does not
have a standalone declaration of 'no', since on-validating processors
are not required to read external DTD subsets.  Such a document may
contain internal general entity references that aren't defined in an
internal DTD subset and nonetheless be well-formed.

The attached well-formed, valid document contains a reference to an
entity defined in the external DTD subset.  However, I can't find a
way to make xmllint treat it as well-formed:

  $ xmllint --noout --noent Briantest.xml
  Briantest.xml:20: parser error : Entity 'plus' not defined
  $ xmllint --noout Briantest.xml
  Briantest.xml:20: parser error : Entity 'plus' not defined

Is there a way to make xmllint do no more than check documents
against the well-formedness constraints, to emulate a minimal
non-validating processor?

  You ask for --noent , hence requesting entity substitution, hence
loading the DTD. The default behaviour without --noent will do the
default behaviour you are requesting.

I asked for --noent in the first example above, but not in the second.
 As noted, 'xmllint --noout <filename>' without --noent gives the same
behavior.  I probably should have made the two examples more distinct

Is the above behavior (without --noent) a bug?  If so, I'll gladly
file a bug report.


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