[xml] XInclude versus "--load-trace"

xmllint will do XInclude processing if called with "--xinclude". Independently, it will report all files loaded during processing if called with "--load-trace". However, when both of these flags are given, "--load-trace" list does not mention files included via XInclude.

I can imagine why this might be the case if XInclude processing happens in an earlier and very distinct phase. However, I am using "--load-trace" for dependency tracking and I need to know about *all* the external files on which an XML document depends. That definitely includes files included via XInclude.

Is this a bug? If not a bug, is there some other way to obtain the list of files pulled in via XInclude? It won't work to write an XSLT script that operates with XInclude processing off and searches for <xi:include> elements, since that will only discover inclusions at the topmost level; it will miss inclusions within included fragments.

As one might expect, the same problem affects xsltproc.

-- Ben

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