[xml] Could you explain me?

Hi Daniel,
I know that some times ago you told me that you aren't an expert of
apache project and structure.
Anyway I suppose that you can explain us a question which I don't
understand very well.
Some major apache users wrote an apache module which uses libxml2/libxslt.
Suppose that apache is using pre-fork model, which means that apache
starts N childs and they serve user requests (we suppose
MaxRequestsPerChild = 0 -> a child will never expire).
In this module I see that when a child start, in its init function, it's


so these functions are called once per child.
When a user request is served, the handler of the module is called,
which replies to the client.
Well, in this hanlder they use libxml2/libxslt functions and the never
calls xmlCleanupParser() or xsltCleanupGlobals().
Is it right?
I suppose that it's right because xmlCleanupParser() should be called
once at the end of the use of libxml2 library.
But they never calls it and I'd like to know if it's ok or not.
I'm quite surprised.
Best regards


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