[xml] xmlreader problem with long comment at beginning of document

I've discovered a strange problem with documents that have a long
comment at the beginning (such as the attached a.xml). A slightly
shorter header comment solves the problem (such as in the attached

The problem occurs only with --stream. I can reproduce with 2.6.26
(cygwin) and the latest subversion code (win32).

Should I submit this in bugzilla?

~>xmllint --stream --noout --valid a.xml
a.xml:10: parser error : Extra content at the end of the document
a.xml : failed to parse
~>xmllint --stream --noout --valid b.xml
~>xmllint --noout --valid a.xml
~>xmllint --noout --valid b.xml

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Attachment: b.xml
Description: b.xml

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