[xml] Using Doc Saving Context Options when dumping doc.

Using Doc Saving Context Options to xmlDocDumpMemory( )
How do you omit the XML Declaration and Empty Element nodes
when dumping a document from memory?

Libxml2-2.6.2x provides the capability to output an XML document that
has been loaded, parsed, and stored in memory. The XmlNodeDump and
xmlDocDumpMemory functions will dump the document to a buffer.
However, in certain cases I do "not" want to output the XML Declaration
and Empty Elements as a single empty-node (i.e. <empty/> ).

xmlDocDumpMemory( document, &outBuffer, &outBufferLen );
size = xmlNodeDump( &tmpNodeBuffer, document, rootNode, level, format );

xmlNodeDump( ) parameters contain the level and format Document Saving
Context (xmlSaveCtxt Ctxt) struct variables, but not "option". Setting the
Ctxt.option would provide the desired output. A local Ctxt struct is initialized
and set internally by xmlNodeDumpOutput, which calls xmlNodeDump.

While I can pull the approapriate functions out of Libxml2 to perform what
I need will a future release have the Ctxt.options as paramters to one of the
xmlDocDumpXXX or xmlNodeDumpXXX API's? Or is there an alternate
method of calling the Libxml2 functions?


Daniel P. Ryan
Dolphin Technology
dan dolphtech com

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