Re: [xml] How do you detect if a xml file has a root node??

Thanks for your instant reply. But my requirement is if the first node
is the main node containing other nodes I need to ignore it. But if it
contains that data then I need to include it.

Can anyone suggest me a method to do it.


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I have an xml file of the below format.


<!-some comment generated.."  -->



How do I detect if the file has a root node or not? 

This file HAS a root node, it's called "Node1"

I mean how do I make the difference between the below xml 
file and the above xml file.


<!-some comment generated.."  -->




The root node have different names. On your first example, it was
"Node1", and now it is "RootNode"

as I need to avoid the root node when I load the xml file.

Why? You can just ignore (or not) the first node after you have parsed
the file...

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