[xml] Problem with partial documents


I am filtering a stream of sax events. If I encounter certain start tags
I start passing the events to the libxml2 through the SAX2 functions. To
start a valid document I add an XML decl. event and I add all namespaces
that are currently in use to the root node sax event. 

When the end event is reached I do tree manipulations and afterward walk
the tree to recreate sax events.

All this works. The only thing that is missing is that I want to remove
the namespaces I have added to the root node of the partial document. I
don't find a clean way to do that. I could of course remove all
namespaces from the root node. This would be bad if the root node itself
adds a namespace. I could mark all the namespaces I add by pre- or
postfixing the URLs, but this would add some weirdness to the tree

Does anybody have a better idea.


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