Re: [xml] Ask a question about xmlDocDumpFormatMemory() funciton.

* Xu Chunrong wrote:
THE PROBLEM is when I call xmlDocDumpFormatMemory(pdoc, &tmp,&len,0) my
program works OK,
but if I call xmlDocDumpFormatMemory(pdoc, &tmp,&len,1),  xml will find
unknown node,

  pcur = pcur->xmlChildrenNode;

I think you should use `children` instead, xmlChildrenNode is a legacy

   while (pcur != NULL)
       if ((!xmlStrcmp(pcur->name, (const xmlChar *)"RequestID")))

Here you iterate over the child nodes without checking the node type.
There are several kinds of nodes, element nodes, comment nodes, text
nodes, and so on. If you have


The 'foo' element has three children

  1. the white space before <bar/>
  2. <bar/>
  3. the white space after <bar/>

whereas you expect it to have only a single child element. Your code
would fail similarily if you had


You have to check for each node whether it is an element before you
can check whether it is a specific type of element.
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