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On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 08:28:19PM +0800, Harbhanu wrote:

I wanted to know the best way to do Schema validation incase I want to use
SAX parsing.

 * xmlSchemaValidateStream:
 * @ctxt:  a schema validation context
 * @input:  the input to use for reading the data
 * @enc:  an optional encoding information
 * @sax:  a SAX handler for the resulting events
 * @user_data:  the context to provide to the SAX handler.
 * Validate an input based on a flow of SAX event from the parser
 * and forward the events to the @sax handler with the provided @user_data
 * the user provided @sax handler must be a SAX2 one.
 * Returns 0 if the document is schemas valid, a positive error code
 *     number otherwise and -1 in case of internal or API error.

SAX is a bad API I discourage its use 

Is the only way out is to do it as a separate step?? Then effectively we
will be doing parsing of the same document twice.

  definitely not there are code in xmllint doing this.

Also, theoretically can schema validation be performed on a partially read
XML document??

theorically maybe and practically no, it's defined on full documents as far
as I understand, though there is a notion of partial validation but way beyond
my understanding of the spec, and I don't think it's possible in libxml2.


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