Re: [xml] Question regarding Xpath and streaming

On the same note, is there any way to validate a document (against a
schema) which is being streamed out using xmlWriter? 

"xmlSchemaValidateDoc(validCtxtPtr, doc)" needs a "doc", but when doing
streaming, I don't have the full doc available.

Yong Chen

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I've a question regarding xpath and streaming (xmlWriter):

I use xpath to filter a document so I get selected (or 
filtered) nodes.
I also use xmlWriter to stream output. I wonder if I can use both 

Libxml xpath works by first getting xmlXpathContextPtr (API:
xmlXpathNewContext(doc)), this means the document (doc) has to be 
available. But if I'm streaming the data into a file 
(xmlNewTextWriterFilename()), I don't have the doc 
available. So how 
can I apply the xpath filtering in xmlWriter streaming?

  Normal XPath operations require a full tree.
  There is a pattern module allowing to stream for a very 
small subset of XPath, see , but I don't 
have user friendly docs for it.


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